The Start of The Animated Word

At The Animated Word, our mission is to show faithful Biblical stories to make disciples, and we’ve started with animating Revelation word-for-word.
The book of Revelation is filled with so much imagery it can be hard to hold it all in your head as you read. We wanted to create something that we could watch and listen to so that we could be saturated in God’s word. Our hope is that this would reignite a child-like passion for Scripture. That’s why we started the Animated Word. 
An angel blowing a trumpet from a Revelation Chapter by The Animated Word
“Behold, I am making all things new!” All of history points to the wedding feast in heaven described at the end of the book of Revelation. We are so excited that we get to participate in that! We hope that this project will invigorate the church as we wait for Jesus’ return.
But, we need your help.
So far we’ve been making this project out of our own budget. To get it off the ground, we really need your help. Help spread a love and passion for God’s word. Join us as we push towards that goal through prayer and financial support!
We want to partner with you.
Join Our Journey