Receive the blessing God has for you through His Word. Scripture says we are blessed as we read and hear the words of this prophecy. We all feel very blessed to be diving deeper into this book as The Animated Word team are animating and we hope to bless you with our work!

We’ve been intrigued, amazed and sometimes mystified by the book of Revelation. Although there is a plethora of teaching on this book, much of it revolves around speculation or “cracking codes.” On top of that, it can be hard to dive into this book in our personal devotions. When we open the Bible, we often want something relevant that we can apply right away to our Christian walk. Consequently, we can find it easier to spend time in the Epistles or Psalms and Proverbs rather than the prophetic literature.

Our goal is to kindle an excitement for the book of Revelation by bringing this book to life through animation. We want to stay true to the Word of God as we animate every verse in Revelation word for word. By creating this animation, we hope to give a better grasp of that imagery, to invoke a childlike excitement, to encourage a greater appreciation of scripture, and ultimately to bring many to a deeper knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.

Why animation? It is a medium that offers a wide range of expressive freedom, allowing us to capture both the physical and the symbolic together. It is a great tool for communicating the extensive literary scope of Revelation. The hope of The Animated Word is to spark curiosity and encourage further study.

The Animated Word is a project of the James Partnership. We hope you will follow along by subscribing to our newsletter, following along on Instagram or Facebook, and sharing this project with your church, family, and friends! Pray for our team and consider donating, so that we can continue to further the gospel by spreading the Word. We thank God for you!

This image displays a verse from Revelation 1:3 which reads "Blessed is the one reading and those hearing the words of this prophecy"

Revelation 1:3