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Feature Film – Coming Soon

Experience The Book of Revelation like never before. Our team is working tirelessly to animate Revelation word-for-word, verse by verse. We are about two years away from our film release, and so we appreciate your support.

Devotional App – In Development

The Animated Word App brings Revelation to life for your daily devotions, and soon it will make it easy to share The Book of Revelation with your family, your friends, and your church.

The Animated Word is made possible by God’s provision through the generous support of people like you. If you want to partner with us in our mission to share the gospel through visual media, we ask that you would subscribe to our newsletter, or consider making a one-time or monthly donation. We thank God for you!

Our mission is to show faithful biblical stories to make disciples.

Currently, our team of talented illustrators and animators are working tirelessly to create a beautiful, timeless, faithful animated film of the entire book of Revelation, verse by verse, word for word.

Revelation means making something unknown, known. So, its ultimate message is amazing: that, in the end, Jesus conquered sin and death and will continue to make all things new! 

Ultimately, we want God to be glorified by our work. Therefore, we hope Revelation will only be the beginning of The Animated Word, and that God will use it to reach a multitude!

  • John writes to the seven churches mentioned in Revelation chapter 2.
  • This illustration depicts John, the author of Revelation, rides on a boat toward the island of Patmos, accompanied by a guard.
  • This illustration depicts God descending from heaven in front of a crowd of people as described in Revelation

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