What’s Next for The Animated Word?

Where We’re Heading

Revelation is only the beginning for The Animated Word. When the film is completed, we hope to distribute it worldwide: DVD and Blu-Ray, Digital, TV, Internet, and more.

Here are just a few of the ways we hope to extend the reach of the gospel through The Animated Word. We believe God will make these future endeavors possible through your faithful support.

Documentary: We are creating a series of documentaries pulling together thoughts from a variety of experts. We want to approach this from an unbiased perspective and give the audience food for thought to fuel further study of the book.

Other Bible books: What about the rest of the Bible? We’d love to continue creating similar products and study tools for other books of the Bible as God leads. Teaching Tools for Children: We also want to reach children with this project. We plan to adapt our artwork to a fully illustrated children’s book based on Revelation. Additionally, when our finished animated film is released, The Animated Word: Revelation will be an excellent tool for parents and in the Sunday school classroom.

These goals can be achieved through God’s power. Partner with us in our mission to show faithful biblical stories to make disciples.

How to Get Involved

Pray that God would use this project to further the gospel.

Share this project with your friends, family, coworkers, or classmates.

Donate to further our mission. 

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Quote about The Animated Word which reads "Revelation is only the beginning..."

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